Search for users already on PopJam

  1. Tap the search bar at the top of the Feed tab or Discovery tab and type in the user’s PopJam username.
  2. If we find a match we’ll take you straight to their profile!
  3. You can press the follow button to see all of their cool posts on your Feed tab.

Add new friends

Hit the Add Friends icon on the top right of the Feed or Discover pages or press the get followers button on your profile.

By Collab

  1. Hit the Collab button. (Collab is short for collaboration – when more than one PopJammer works on an art project!)
  2. A post will appear in your creation tool, that’s perfect for two to get creative on. Do your part and then hit post. This will post the art to your profile.
  3. You can then hit the Copy Link button and send it to friends outside of PopJam in a message or an email. The link will take non-PopJammers to the app, and existing PopJammers to the post.

By Shake

  1. Press the ‘Shake’ button.
  2. Users can ask friends to shake their device or press the ‘Shake’ button at the same time as they shake their device or press the ‘Shake’ button.
  3. A list of users who have pressed the button at the same time will appear.
  4. They can press the ‘Add’ button to follow them on PopJam.