Despite almost exponential growth in kids who have Internet access, Silicon Valley has mostly designed products with the assumption that nobody under 13 actually exists. So how do content owners responsibly engage with kids without directing a 9yr-old to a Facebook page?

Some history first. Although we have built a lot of products for the u13 content ecosystem, PopJam was not originally on any roadmap for us. As an acquisition, it was one of those startup decisions which you can only truly evaluate after the fact. The timing was not ideal (we were in the middle of the AwesomeAds v2 rollout) but the opportunity was simply too big to ignore: as the company building the tech to power kids digital media, how could we turn down an opportunity to include a safe-social platform?

With the kids market evolving towards a digital-first model, content owners, app developers and book publishers need new ways of reaching their young audiences. By the time a kid is 13 (the normal age for social network T&Cs), they’ve probably been online in adult environments for a decade. There was an urgent need for a safe-social content platform.

So we did it.

It wasn’t easy. However, after a huge technical migration and a Kids Web Services integration (for full COPPA compliance), PopJam is crushing it in the UK. Content owners like Disney, Nintendo, Hasbro, Roald Dahl and almost a hundred others now use PopJam as their default kids social channel (we’re now approving 10-20 new channels every month). With a highly engaged, highly creative audience of under-13s (installed on over a third of kids’ devices), PopJam has truly taken over UK playgrounds.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 17.59.50

It doesn’t stop there: we’re now also seeing PopJam become an extension for YouTube creators who want a dedicated platform to engage with their younger audiences.

Right now our YouTuber PopJammers reach over 4.4 million aggregate subscribers and we’re really just beginning. Keep your eyes peeled for some very cool YouTuber announcements coming soon…

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 18.09.57

Up until now, we’ve kept PopJam ringfenced to the UK and Ireland. No more! Last week we officially opened PopJam in the US and Canadian market (iOS | Android). It’s another step in our mission to create a safer, better internet for kids.

For anyone creating content in the u13 space, no more excuses. PopJam is the safe-social platform: it gives you huge engagement with this audience, in a completely safe, COPPA-compliant environment.