Today we’re pleased to announce that TotallyAwesome, our joint venture in APAC, has entered a new stage in its journey, raising $2M to support its rapid growth in ASEAN and Australia.

Since we announced our first steps into Southeast Asia back in 2015, our impact on kids’ digital media in the Asia Pacific region has been significant. Now with offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia, TotallyAwesome is the largest kid-safe digital advertising platform in APAC, reaching over 100 million kids and teens a month across devices.

This is just the beginning.

The news of TotallyAwesome raising $2M today is testament not only to how the company is supporting the kids digital advertising ecosystem, but how they are tackling other important gaps in the market for kids and families in APAC:

  1. Making premium digital content available to kids, in a safe environment
  2. Tailoring content and advertising to the behaviors and tastes of kids in specific countries within this diverse region

Throughout the last few months, TotallyAwesome has built up a specialist team of kids’ influencers, content producers and distributors to work alongside their existing ad experts, to provide a complete digital media solution for the biggest kids’ brands in the region including advertising, social content, video and more.

To find out more about TotallyAwesome’s kid-safe content and advertising opportunities in APAC, or what is important to kids and families in the region, get in touch with the team (they really are TotallyAwesome).