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Meet our latest KidAware-certified agency: Mindshare US

As the company at the forefront of safe kids digital engagement globally, it's part of our mission to ensure all the agencies and brands we work with are fully equipped to navigate the compliance, regulation and industry standards of the digital kids landscape. This is why we launched the KidAware certification program for agencies and brands. Read More

Agility over Agile

Agile is not a new concept. Over the last few years I have taken on various roles (and combinations of roles) within the teams I have worked in both in a corporate organisation and more recently as part of a tech startup here at SuperAwesome. I have had many different experiences with Agile development along the way. Read More

Linux containers

For a long time, web applications have been deployed directly on bare metal servers. To run a web application, you had to rent a server, install an operating system, then run your application on top of it. Read More

Oblique Strategies

It is always hard to tell your new colleagues that you are out of ideas or you don’t have a perfect solution for the given problem. Like many others , my day to day work consists of facing situations where I am not certain about the solution. After many attempts to come up with concrete solutions myself, I finally I decided to give oblique strategies a try, to think out of the box. Although this is not a UX method itself, their 'open to interpretation' approach allows them to be used in all situations. Read More