The need for a dedicated social platform to safely engage with under-13s in a creative, interactive and responsible way (versus a 13+ environment like Snapchat, Facebook etc) has been a major issue for too long. Today we’re fixing that by rolling out the first phase of PopJam PLATFORM>, a safe-social, COPPA-compliant layer for developers and publishers. 

You probably know the existing PopJam app already, right?  Available for both iOS and Android devices, PopJam is the only dedicated social content platform designed for the under-13 audience, allowing kids to share artwork and interact with their favourite creators in a positive, safe environment. It’s considered the default ‘kids social’ tool for the world’s biggest brands like  Disney, Nintendo, Hasbro, Penguin, Rovio and many others to safely interact with millions of kids in the US and UK. 

Until now, this amazing kid-safe social environment was only available in the dedicated PopJam mobile experience. 

Not. Any. More.

PopJam PLATFORM> is the a COPPA-compliant kids’ social API for developers and publishers; it allows PopJam’s safe-social feed to extend into third party sites and apps. For the first time, content owners and developers have access to a COPPA-compliant, Facebook-like experience for u13 users on their own sites and apps.

We think this is a pretty big deal.


PLATFORM> is in beta but already comes with the following features:

  • Publishers can embed a customized dynamic, moderated content feed directly within their site or app, encouraging creative, social interaction with existing fans, and showcasing user-generated content and fan-art on their kids destinations.
  • Existing PopJam channel partners can integrate their own PopJam feed based on their PopJam channel into their app or site, through the PopJam partner tool
  • A COPPA-compliant video player, allowing embedded video (embedded YouTube videos are not COPPA-compliant) and kid-safe live game-streaming
  • Monetization: publishers can turn on additional kid-safe monetization in their feed. Like all SuperAwesome ads, these are delivered by the COPPA-compliant AwesomeAds platform and reviewed by SuperAwesome’s team to ensure they are fully appropriate for kids – shown by our SAFE AD watermark.

Right now, PLATFORM> is in beta but already being used by some of our biggest partners like Hasbro, Grom Social, Roald Dahl and others. A full release version will available be early next year but if you’d like to request beta access or learn more, get in touch