Following the huge success of Safer Internet Day across our platform in 2016, we were pleased to support this great cause for the second year in a row. Safer Internet Day 2017 (#SID2017), which took place on Wednesday 7th Feb, called on communities to ‘Be the change and unite for a better internet today’ – this couldn’t be a better fit for SuperAwesome and the work we do.

If you’ve been following us for the last year and half, you’ll have seen the rapidly growing success of PopJam, our safe, moderated social content platform. Over a million 7-12 year olds across the US, UK and Canada are using the service to draw, create, take quizzes and discover content they love. PopJam is used by the world’s biggest brands like Nintendo, Hasbro, Disney and many others to safely and interactively engage with this highly creative generation. Like all of our products, it’s designed specifically for the safety and data privacy requirements (COPPA, GDPR) of the under 13 audience. 

Coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre, Safer Internet Day sees hundreds of organisations get involved in activities to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. This year we continued to spread this positive safety message to our huge under 13 audience on PopJam:

  • PopJam hosted a #SID2017 #giveasmile ‘Daily Challenge’ that received over 7k highly creative entries
  • We shared top safety tips with the PopJam community, not only informing them of how to be safe themselves, but how to unite as a community of digital citizens who share a positive online experience
  • Safer Internet Day video content and information was shared across the platform
  • The tag #giveasmile was promoted by our active, supportive team of content creators and moderators and used heavily throughout the day

Some safety tips from PopJam users on the day:


Rebecca Newton, SuperAwesome’s Head of Trust and Community, has worked as an expert in keeping kids safe online and managing communities for over 20 years. She explains the importance of combining safety with a positive user experience: “We see an active and engaged audience on PopJam. As well as our extensive and experienced moderation, we understand the huge importance of supporting a positive community. Rewarding and recognising good behaviour leads to improved actions and an active, collaborative community that love to interact, create and participate. We constantly remind PopJammers about safety and not sharing any personally identifying information, as well as being amazing digital citizens that can shape exciting experiences.”

Our PopJam content and moderation teams are always creating safe and engaging activities to encourage kids to have fun and support each other. Giving a smile is such an important message for this age group, and one we continue to support as part of Safer Internet Day 2017 and beyond.

To find out more about Safer Internet Day, just go here. To speak to the team about safely engaging with kids through safe content experiences on PopJam, contact us!

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