Snap’s S-1 filing said many interesting things. However one thing it didn’t (couldn’t) say was just how much of their growth is being driven by the under-13 audience.

In the UK Snapchat is the third most common way for 10-12 year olds to chat to each other, with over a third of girls using it on a regular basis. The story is similar in the US, with over a fifth of 7-9 year olds and a third of 10-12 year olds having used Snapchat in December 2016.


The data-driven nature of Snapchat’s model means they can’t acknowledge any kids being present without triggering a COPPA (or soon GDPR) fine, an issue they’ve clearly wrestled with in the past:


It would be interesting to analyse the percentage of u13s on Snapchat now versus FB when it IPO’d. My sense is that Snap is an inherently younger platform than FB was at the time.

Interestingly, Snap has experimented in the u13 market with their SnapKidz release. They’ve since removed it from the app store (and there’s no mention of it in the S1) but they clearly realise the strategic importance of engaging the kids audience.  

With FB and Google yet to roll out any (meaningful) u13 offering, is Snap quietly planning to take the lead here?

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