This is the biggest digital holiday period our industry will have ever seen. At this pivotal point in the season, our industry all has one big question on their minds: what will get to the top of kids’ Christmas lists? Our SuperAwesome Insights team hosted an in-depth knowledge sharing session last month at our London HQ, to help answer that question, and much more.

We invited our UK partners and clients to a unique briefing, to get an exclusive insight into digital behaviours, favourite brands, wish lists, influencers and spending power of centennials. We presented data and insights from our latest, direct-from-the-playground reports and interviews with our FutureMakers, the kids and teens at the forefront of this season’s trends.

With a captive audience including the top names from all across the kids industry, we shared vital information to help shape marketing plans up until the big day. And we fed everyone with a delicious breakfast, of course.


So what do centennials (in the UK) really want for Christmas? We asked hundreds of kids and teens from across our platform, and here are some of the results we presented.

If money were no object, kids and teens would really like…

source: SuperAwesome Insights, Oct 2016, 8-18, n=315

Looking closely, we can see mentions of very high end goods like cars, holidays, mansions, countries and – for the kids who are keeping their options open –  just ‘lots’! However, the most desired item of all, above these seemingly more aspirational high ticket choices, is the latest Apple iPhone.

When asked for what they might realistically get this Christmas, the answers looked like this:

source: SuperAwesome Insights, Oct 2016, 8-18, n=315

Tech items still trump the list with specific mentions of branded gaming consoles and tablets, such as the Xbox One and iPads. However, the iPhone has many fewer mentions, reflecting the out-of-reach price range of the latest model (the basic version starts from £599, compared to the latest iPad Mini which comes in at £379). Oh, and clothes and money won’t go down too badly, either.

Some more festive stats that we uncovered during our briefing:

  • Over ¾ of UK kids aged 8-18 usually receive money as presents at Christmas, and of those 26% usually get more than £100
  • 42% like to spread that money from presents over lots of little things, a further ⅕ spend it on one big purchase whilst 27% save it
  • Over half of kids had already told someone what they’d like for Christmas at the start of October and a further 35% claim to have already seen a festive advert

Of course, not all kids are the same. When we asked our own COO what his kids wanted for Christmas, they were much more philosophical:  


Snow, family peace and food and water for everyone in the world? It’s a close call, but that might just beat the iPhone…

This was just a small snapshot of the research shared at our latest briefing. To find out more about the presentation, our OnTrack reports and to be notified about upcoming briefings, get in touch.