Happy Wednesday. Today we’re announcing something big: our exclusive partnership with Turner International. Cartoon Network. Boomerang. Cartoonito. Boom.

As part of this agreement, the Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito sites will be exclusively available to brands in the UK through SuperAwesome’s marketplace, ensuring 100% kid-safe, EU-compliant advertising.

Turner joins top-tier kids publishers including Disney, ROBLOX and ZeptoLab using our marketplace: allowing them to monetize their awesome content with equally awesome ad campaigns, in a 100% kid-safe, GDPR compliant environment (GDPR is the EU’s new data privacy law for kids, get the essentials on it here).

The partnership will also see Turner utilise AwesomeAds, the first kid-safe ad server that is fully compliant with data privacy regulations protecting kids online in both the US (COPPA) and EU (GDPR).


Kids’ brands are shifting significant investment into digital, thanks to the availability of dedicated under-13 platforms like SuperAwesome. In fact, this is the first time in the history of the kids industry that a single marketplace of this size and quality has existed. With more and more high quality, compliant kids content now available to advertisers, it’s driving the next phase of growth in the kids digital media ecosystem.

Digital ad budgets in the kids market are growing at 40-50% and the market is predicted to reach at least $3B in the next five years. Driven by this trend, there has been a huge business model shift across the kids’ digital content industry from paid/premium downloads to free-with-ads.

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(Cue celebratory dance.)

If you’re interested in joining our world class digital kids marketplace, or want to know more about AwesomeAds, get in touch!