We’ve spent the last three years creating the infrastructure for safe brand engagement in the digital kids market. Today marks another milestone in this mission. Introducing the latest SuperAwesome product: the Kidfluencer YouTube Network.

A long time ago (in a galaxy not so far away) we all came to terms with the inevitability that kids are on mainstream YouTube. In fact, many spend a large amount of their time on this platform (confirmed by our Insights Team’s OnTrack Media reports every month). There is clearly an opportunity here for brands: YouTube is home to a vast array of kids/family content creators and inspires positive creativity in millions of kids. However, many brands have struggled to appropriately engage with this specific audience.

Our Kidfluencer network is designed to allow brands to safely tap into the most influential kids and family creators on YouTube at scale. With an existing reach of 250M kids/month across mobile, web, virtual world and online video, we can now extend our reach even further by bringing brands selected kids and family content creators on YouTube.

How does it work?


  • We’ve teamed up with a network of top family YouTube creators and distributors including FamilyGamerTV, WildBrain, Diagonal View,  TaDaKids and Yogscast to deliver the right influencers and fully certified kid-safe content to kid audiences worldwide
  • All branded content, from unboxing videos to product reviews will go through our COPPA-compliant ad platform AwesomeAds, tested by our rigorous kid-safe standards, and clearly labelled with our recognizable ‘Safe Ad’ padlock logo.
  • As part of the Kidfluencer Network and our wider platform, brands will be able to use PopJam, the leading kids social content platform, to amplify engagement and inspire even more creativity in a completely safe mobile environment.

Intrigued? Hear some more from the experts…

Paul Nunn, our Chief Commercial Officer: “The requirements for branded content in the kids and family YouTube space are extremely specific. As the company which has built the industry’s under-13 brand engagement platform, this is a huge opportunity to make branded YouTube family content accessible through our rigorous certification and safety standards.”

Dylan Collins, our CEO:  “The centennial generation are not bound by a single digital destination. They consume vast amounts of content. For brands to reach this audience, a network approach is the only way you can be sure your message is getting through. Brands can now engage the creativity of our approved family content creators on YouTube to amaze and excite their audience, with the safety and compliance always guaranteed by SuperAwesome.  The beauty of this opportunity for brands is not only the amazing creativity and targeted reach of the creators they will be working with, but also the ability to massively amplify through SuperAwesome’s huge under-13 digital footprint – the largest kids digital engagement platform in the world“

Andy Robertson, FamilyGamerTV: “Content creators with large family audiences are cold-called every day with potential paid product placement. Partnering with SuperAwesome enables me to find the most fitting brand partnerships to create engaging and unique content in a transparent and open way.”

Matt Heiman, Diagonal View: “Bringing great brands together with the best kids creators will lead to exciting results for all parties.  Partnering with SuperAwesome, with their deep knowledge and experience in the kids space, adds safety and scale to this equation.  We are hugely excited to be a part of a project that looks to add value directly back to creators making great kids content!” 

… and check out some of the coverage here.

To find out more about how you can get involved and benefit from the Kidfluencer Network (using YouTube, PopJam or both) get in touch!