As the company at the forefront of safe kids digital engagement globally, it’s part of our mission to ensure all the agencies and brands we work with are fully equipped to navigate the compliance, regulation and industry standards of the digital kids landscape. This is why we launched the KidAware certification program for agencies and brands.

Since its launch in March, we’ve certified over twenty of the world’s leading agencies across different territories including MediaCom, Generation Media, Carat, OMD as well as many of the top brands like Hasbro and Universal.

Why get certified? KidAware certification gives you the latest digital marketing standards and requirements for the kids sector globally but also access to our knowledge base. As the company which increasingly runs the digital kids infrastructure around the world, you can be assured this is vast.

The length of our certification wait-list is a testament to how much the global media markets are taking the kids sector seriously.

Today, we’re pleased to welcome Mindshare US as our latest KidAware-certified agency. Caroline Simpson (Associate Director of MediaCom) had this to say:

“Digital marketing for kids is an area which requires a huge amount of expertise and compliance. We pride ourselves on staying at the front of trends, legislation and advertising standards for kids so SuperAwesome’s KidAware program is an incredibly helpful resource for us to guarantee that. As an industry initiative, we absolutely endorse KidAware as an invaluable program for all agencies in this sector”

To celebrate this milestone we decided to celebrate in true historic fashion: with a print ad.

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Want to know about the KidAware certification program? Go here. Or just ping us directly and we’ll be happy to chat.