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YouTube is rapidly becoming integral to kids’ lives. Looking beyond just video-on-demand consumption, YouTube is becoming paramount to the way that kids create, learn and share.

SuperAwesome’s Insights Team have been following this growing phenomenon. Here is an overview of our discoveries to date.

We know kids use YouTube to consume content, but how?

We asked our panel to elaborate on three key themes:

Discovery –

Friends’ video recommendations are not only the most common method of finding content, but also considered as the most important method of discovery. Recommendations from YouTube, then channels and open search are considered as less important methods of finding exciting new content.

Time –

After school is the most popular time-slot for going on YouTube, mornings are popular for short mobile visits and weekends for longer, more casual viewing.

Device –

Access is predominantly through our respondents’ own tablets, followed by smartphones. Desktop and laptop were the least mentioned method of accessing YouTube.

We know how kids consume content, but to what extent over competitors?

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For video on demand, YouTube is King. When pitted up against its’ biggest competitors YouTube stands out in leaps and bounds. YouTube seemingly isn’t solely for the consumption of short form content, but when it is, watching music videos are a popular choice.

Spotlight on Music

YouTube is rapidly becoming the go to platform for listening to music online.

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As our previous blog post revealed, kids care more for YouTube over streaming services like Spotify. Music discovery and sharing also occur through YouTube, by subscribing to YouTube channels, posting content on social media or watching recommended videos.

We know that kids consume a variety of content, but what’s new and why is this important?

YouTube today is not just about the consumption of video content, it goes a lot further. For kids it’s a platform for creation, learning and even aspiration. This becomes clear when we look at the way that kids access content, in particular subscribing to channels.

For many of our YouTube disciples, following YouTube channels such as Stampylonghead and PewDiePie is essential to their learning and gaming. Others create, share and interact with the content posted. We looked closer at those who considered following their favourite YouTube celebrity as the most important.

Spotlight on YouTube celebrities

We asked our panel to list their favourite YouTube channels. As well as gamers, the most popular were channels that followed the everyday lives of these YouTube celebs.

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When asked why they liked YouTube celebrities over conventional celebrities, our panel centred their responses on the following:

  • Humour: “they are funnier way funnier” – Girl,10
  • Relatable and real: “because they share more about their personal life and you get to know them on a personal level” – Girl,15
  • Consistency: “…youtube subscriptions make videos everyday…” – Boy, 10

Many of our respondents look up to and respect these YouTubers, making this more than just video consumption, but a place that kids go to for life advice.

We predict even bigger things for YouTube as the platform officially becomes kid-friendly. So, to keep up with all things YouTube we’re launching a monthly tracker. To find out more get in touch!

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