Earlier this month, Taylor Swift made the decision to remove her music from streaming service Spotify. Coinciding with the release of her new album, 1989, Swiftys everywhere were denied access to the pop star’s catalogue of hits on the popular streaming service.

Swift justified her decision stating, “Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for”, a valid argument. But does this really matter? And in particular, do kids care?

SuperAwesome’s Insights team aimed to answer this and other online music questions in our weekly survey. We received over 470 responses from kids and teens aged 8-18, here is what we found…


Taylor Swift is liked or loved regardless…

Amidst the Spotify controversy, we asked our kids to rate a list of artists in the UK Top 10. When looking at our female respondents (Swift’s core audience) it is clear that the pop star is viewed positively with nearly 70% saying they liked or loved her.

onedirectiontaylor tableHer popularity becomes clear when compared to tween favourite One Direction, who received more of a varied opinion.

taylor ontrack

In our monthly OnTrack report we also asked kids and teens to rate a list of topical subjects in our cool/not cool tracker. Conclusion – Taylor Swift is cool.


The majority of respondents only own music if it is by their favourite artists…

This casts an important light on how kids and teens view music ownership. Our survey revealed that kids only own music by their favourite artists, with the rest streamed online.

Which of these statements best describes your stance on owning music?


Not only is Taylor Swift cool AND loved, she emerges as a firm favourite. 1989 hit the 1.2 million sales mark in it’s first week alone, and this is not a one-off. The Atlantic recently reported that the top 1% of artists collect 77% of all revenue from recorded music. Of course, Taylor Swift happily falls into this percentile.

So we know sales and likeability are not issues for the pop star, but what about listening to music online? Surely removing her tracks from Spotify has impacted her negatively? It seems not…


YouTube is King (especially for younger kids) both for listening to and sharing music online…

Listening to music online by watching music videos on YouTube came up trumps for both kids and teens, with Spotify or streaming services falling to third and fourth positions. Further still, respondents are still more likely to listen to music through downloading it than they are by streaming it.

How do you listen to music online?


When asked how respondents share the music they like, showing YouTube videos was again seen as the most popular method along with word of mouth. It is clear that YouTube plays a large part in kids’ and teens’ online music habits. This trend is not lost on Taylor Swift’s latest release Blank Space which currently has over 100 million views.


So who cares about Taylor Swift pulling her music from Spotify?

Taylor Swift certainly doesn’t and as for kids…

“I don’t care, Taylor Swift is on YouTube anyway” (Boy, 13)



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