SuperAwesome GlobalSuperAwesome’s mission from day one has been to build the world’s biggest advertising platform for kids. Today we reach a pretty major milestone on that epic journey, announcing both our New York office and our Southeast Asian joint venture. Obviously this is important for our air-miles. But it quite legitimately makes us the biggest kids ad platform on the planet. Our growth in the US market has been *significant* so opening a NYC office was something we wanted to do as soon as possible. It also means we can be much closer to our brand agency clients who are integrating our COPPA-compliant ad platform.

We really weren’t joking about building the biggest kids market platform in the *world*. So today we also announce SuperAwesome Asia, a joint venture with our friends in Inspire Ventures (read the story on TechInAsia). Based in Bangkok, we’ll be expanding across the ASEAN region, initially Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.

This is insanely exciting. One of the fastest growing internet populations, one of the youngest mobile internet populations (over half are under 24) and an amazing opportunity to set the standard for what kid-safe advertising should be.

Our US and Asian expansion reflects another reality though. Today we reach almost 200M kids every month across the entire planet. Nobody has built a kids ad platform like this before. It’s opening up new monetization options for developers and new global engagement possibilities for brands. Most importantly, it’s creating a COPPA compliant ad platform for the world.

Our official press release is here. Holler at us here. Oh, and we’re hiring here.