It’s time to meet our penultimate Future8 Awards winner – taking home the award for the Maker category, we meet Billy Timimi, whose Convert-A-Desk entry earned him a trip to LA with Belkin’s WeMo plus a trip to Disneyland in California! We ask him about his entry and what he is most looking forward to about his prize.

Billy is from Oxfordshire but now lives near Geneva and goes to school there. He is 14 years old and learnt about the Future8 competition whilst at TechCamp this summer. He had already taught himself to program, to use html and had taught himself some electronics using books and thbillywinnere web. Entering the Maker competition allowed him to continue learning as he worked on his entry. He created his first ever website, used drawing software, 3D modelling software and used an Arduino to test how things might work.

We asked Billy what inspired him to create his entry:

Billy was inspired by the day-to-day struggles of being a Maker: “If I want to work on the computer while I’m soldering, to look at diagrams for my circuits online I have to go all the way downstairs and it becomes a real pain. How Convert-a-desk can solve these problems is by having three screens at the back that can pop up and down with the flick of a switch… it has compartments at the edges where you can place tools and components when you’re not using them.”

Billy has won one of the most exciting Future8 prizes on offer: he’ll get to become an engineer for the day with WeMo Maker’s top product developers over in L.A., and will also win WeMo Makers for himself and his school! Plus, he will also get a trip to Disneyland in California to really make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

We asked Billy what he is most looking forward to about his prize:

‘What I’m most looking forward to about my prize is going to America and getting to spend the day with Belkin’s top product developers in Los Angeles.’ His parents added, “He is really looking forward to going to Belkin and spending time with some product developers. The only problem now is to decide who goes with him: grandparent, parent or sister? The prize is so good we all want to go!”

Belkin are equally excited to invite Billy to their studios:

“The entire WeMo team was impressed with Biltimi’s Converta Desk project, from his initial concept, to the way he meticulously designed all of the elements and incorporated WeMo, it is obvious that he is a creative, passionate, and flat out talented maker,” said Ohad Zeira, Director of Product for WeMo. “His Converta Desk not only incorporated the WeMo Maker in a new way, but its overall design will be appealing to other makers looking for the optimal work space for their creations”

Kieran Hannon, Chief Marketing Officer at Belkin, added: “The caliber of projects in this year’s awards class were spectacular and we are looking forward to seeing Biltimi’s mind at work when he comes to visit our team of makers in Los Angeles.”

See Billy’s winning entry here, and check out all the others at

Here’s Billy to explain his entry a little more:


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