Continuing our winners’ streak, we meet with the amazing Future8 Games category winner, Seb Gallop! Seb has won a once-in-a-lifetime prize experience with Stick Sports, with his highly detailed game concept, ‘Lifeless City‘. We ask him what inspired his entry and what he is looking forward to about his prize.

Seb Gallop is a 17 year old aspiring Games developer from Heathfield, currently studying Computing, Graphics, ICT and Media. His long-held ambition has been to be the creative lead for the design of a new game, working not only on the overall concept but the details of the script, graphics and game playing. Ambition turned to inspiration whilst attending a Tech Camp residential course over the Summer, where Future8 paid a visit and encouraged the students to submit their ideas.sebwinner

The Games category was highly competitive with lots of entries, and ‘Lifeless City’, an Apocalytpic Zombie survival game, impressed the judges the most to win Seb the award.

We asked Seb, what inspired you to create your entry and what made it stand out? 

“I guess what I did to impress the judges was the sort of detail I put into my work. I’d had this idea bouncing around in my head for some time of what I would consider to be the perfect game for me to develop but I had no-where to go with it. But while I was at Tech Camp, I met some Future8 representatives who really inspired me to take my idea further, to write it down and develop it and then submit it on to the website.”

Seb has won three one-hour advice and mentoring sessions with Paul Collins, CEO of Stick Sports, focusing on developing a game for launch on the app store. These sessions will culminate in a one-day visit to the Stick Sports office with an overnight stay in London. Seb could then potentially finalise his project and go through the launch and marketing phase with the Stick Sports team.

Seb tells us what he is most looking forward to about this unmissable prize:

“I suppose the thing I’m most looking forward to about the prize would be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be mentored by the CEO of a Games company. Someone who would have started off somewhere like me and would have worked hard and developed their ideas to get where they are today.”

See Seb’s full winning entry here and watch his award acceptance video below:


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