Now we’ve met the Web, Animation and Online Video winners, it’s time to take a musical turn with Music category winner Natalie Shay! Natalie has won a once-in-a-lifetime experience with NOW Music. Find out more about Natalie’s entry and her prize!

Natalie Shay is a 15 year old singer/songwriter and BRIT school student f
rom New Southgate in North London. After playing classical guitar from an early age, Natalie went on to play rhythm guitar and singing songs by artists such as Taylor Swift. From there, it was a natural progression for Natalie to write her own songs, which she now performs at many of London’s most iconic music venues. She was inspired to enter the Future8 Awards so that she could progress in her promising music career!

Her entry, ‘Happy Birthday Alex‘, was an instant hit with our judges and won her the Future8 Music category award:


We asked Natalie, what inspired you to create your entry? 

“Usually what I do for my friends birthdays is I pick a song and I make a photo/video montage. I thought, because I have a lot of time and I’m a singer/songwriter anyway… ‘Why don’t I write a song for my friend’s birthday?'”

Natalie gets the opportunity for a three hour recording session with NOW Music and gets to meet one of the huge stars featured on the latest NOW Music compilation album.

When we asked Natalie what she is most looking forward to about her prize, she told us:

‘Studio time! I’m hoping to release my next single in April. I’m shooting a music video for the first track which is called ‘And They Stare’. I wanted it to be a two track single, so the studio time is literally perfect for me because I haven’t recorded the second song. I’m really thankful for that because I think it’s actually ideal for me at the moment, so that’s what I’m looking forward to the most!’

Check out Natalie’s acceptance video that was shown at the Future8 Awards ceremony, as well as the other winners here:


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