We had an amazing time on Saturday celebrating our Future8 Award winners across our 8 categories. This week we’ll be getting to know each of our eight talented digital creators, what inspired them to enter the Future8 Awards, and what they are most looking forward to about their prizes!

Today, we meet Jonathan White, the Animation Category winner who has won a once-in-a-lifetime prize with NaturalMotion Games for his awesome entry, Recineration.

Jonathan is a 15 year old animator from Shercock, Co. Cavan in Ireland, and his entry which blended live action and 3D Animation really stood out to our expert judges, winning him the Animation category award.


We asked Jonathan, what inspired you to create your entry? 

“I was inspired to create my project as I loved the fact that animation could be used in so many different areas and not just films/TV shows. I thought it would be interesting to create a project that used animation in many different ways, showing what a unique area it is. I really enjoyed going out of my comfort zone to experiment what could be done and compiling all my work together into a final project.”

What makes your entry stand out from the crowd? 

“Usually when people think of animation they think of animated films that Disney have done but I love the way animation can be brought into other areas such as game development and visual effects with live action so I thought it would be pretty cool to create an entry that took a different slant on it and looked at those other areas making things a bit different.”

What part of your prize are you most looking forward to? 

“What I’m most looking forward to about my prize is going over to NaturalMotion Games from Oxford and just talking to the guys there and getting some tips for my own animation. I love mobile game development and animation and mixing the two and that’s exactly what the guys over at NaturalMotion Games do.

I love playing their games so it would be pretty cool to talk to them about how they made their games and get some tips for my own animation to improve and get better.”

Jonathan has won a day trip to NaturalMotion Games’ headquarters studio in Oxford, to spend time learning from the Clumsy Ninja and Morpheme & Euphoria teams followed by an exclusive lunch with members of the NaturalMotion Executive team.

Simon Mack, CTO of NaturalMotion said:

“NaturalMotion would like to congratulate all of the Future8 finalists who each demonstrated incredible passion for their work, and are an inspiration for the next generation of animation talent. We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming Jonathan to the NaturalMotion headquarters in Oxford soon.”

Click here to view Jonathan’s winning entry and tune into @TheFuture_8 on Twitter for coverage of his prize!

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