The creative minds who brought you top animation software tool Moviestorm have joined The Future8 Awards and are backing our initiative of getting young people involved in creative fields: in their case, Animation! We met with Andrew Kennedy, Managing Director, to get to know our friends over at Moviestorm a little better and find out how they’re helping young creatives and Future8 entrants!

Andrew, can you tell us a little about yourself, and what your role at Moviestorm entails?
“As a creative person at the head of a small company, I am pleased to say that I enjoy a wide and diverse role, that allows me to develop the business, but also get engaged in designing and directing the development of the Moviestorm tool, and getting involved in directing films for clients who hire us to make films for them.”

Can you tell us a little about MovieStorm and what students can gain from using it?
“Whether doing film and media studies or teaching yourself, Moviestorm is the easy and affordable way to tell stories and have fun making films, without logistical constraint, whilst developing filmmaking techniques.”

“Becoming an expert filmmaker takes hands-on practice as well as technical knowledge and talent. Moviestorm provides an easy, cheap, and convenient way to develop the film skills necessary for working in both live action and animation.”


How do you think creativity and technology are linked?
“We invented Moviestorm and initiated the machinima tool genre as technologists who enjoy being creative, and realising that technology has the ability to empower anyone to be creative, in particular in the field of filmmaking. Technology can often be set at a level that requires users to possess significant skills, but that just alienates the vast majority of the population from discovering and expanding their own creativity, so if implemented correctly, technology enables people to be creative where logistically they could not have expressed themselves before.”

Have you had any stand out success stories from Moviestorm users?
“There are 10s of thousands of Moviestorm films, too many to watch, even though we do not get to see many of them! Here’s an example of a video that was created by a University student using Moviestorm – Watch video

Why encourage young people to enter The Future8 Awards?
“For the journey as much as the reward.  If you have a passion for something, then rather than just being a consumer, try being a creator.  Kids are great at adopting new technologies, and there are tools out there that can enable anyone like never before.  It is never too soon to get involved – we are born with unrestricted creativity, and though education unfortunately tends to erode that potential, awards like Futue8 are rewarding the young for developing themselves through utilising technology and expressing themselves. The more we can make stars of these innovative students, the more students will follow.”

Be sure to check out our Tips & Resources Page where you’ll find Moviestorm resources and instructions on how to claim your FREE extended download for Future8 entrants! Feeling inspired? If you’re 7-17 or know someone who is – get involved! Head to the website to learn exactly what you need to do to enter the Animation Category!


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