Jocelyn Stevenson, has worked in Children’s television as a writer, creator and producer for over 40 years! And today she joins The Future8 Awards as our judge for the Animation Category. Having worked on the likes of Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Bob The Builder, The Hoobs and many more. We are thrilled that Jocelyn is judging the Animation Category and choosing the talented winner! We asked Jocelyn to share some of her expertise, tips and advice with aspiring animators and Future8 entrants. Not to be missed!

What will you be looking for in Future8 Animation Category entries?
“I’m interested in originality and the ability to tell a good story.  And it doesn’t hurt to have a good sense of humour.”

Have you got any tips or advice for entrants?
“One of the keys to telling a good story is making your audience care.  And who do they care about?  Your main character.  There are four questions you can ask yourself when constructing a story:  Whose story is it?  What does she want?  Who or what is making it difficult for her to get what she wants?  What does she learn?  And there are two questions you can ask yourself when creating a character:  What are her obsessions?  What are her vulnerabilities?”


If you’re an aspiring animator or perhaps you just love telling stories, enter The Future8 Awards Animation Category! Simply create an animation using stop motion, 2D or 3D animation, upload your animation to YouTube (you may need an adults permission) and attach the URL to the online application form. To really impress Jocelyn be sure to describe how you made your animation and why you should win, in the description box! Remember there’s a once in a lifetime prize in the animation industry up for grabs! Keep an eye on Twitter @TheFuture_8 to be the first to find out what the awesome prize entails. To be unveiled soon!!

Good luck! Get Animating!

Find out more about Jocelyn and her fascinating career here!