Today we welcome Jocelyn Stevenson to the Future8 judging panel as our expert Animation Category Judge. Jocelyn has over 40 years of experience working in children’s television as a writer, creator and producer. In the past she has worked for the Children’s Television Workshop (the producers of Sesame Street) in New York, and was the Executive Creative Producer for Film and TV Projects at Mind Candy. With so much experience in her field we are very lucky to have Jocelyn’s support in judging and supporting young animators throughout the Future8 Awards.

Jocelyn, how would you describe your career?
“Many, many years producing, creating, writing children’s television.  Did I say “many, many years”?  I meant many, many, MANY years.”

Could you tell us about some of the highlights in your career so far?  
“I was one of the co-creators of Fraggle Rock, possibly the most amazing job I’ve ever had.  I created, wrote, produced a number of TV series for the Henson Company:  The Ghost of Faffner Hall, Mopatop’s Shop, The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake.  I love puppets.  But I also love animation.  A show I co-created a few years ago – What’s Your News? (a news show for 4-6 year olds where the news was their news) – was produced using motion capture – the combination of puppetry and animation.”

Over the course of your career, you must have gained some insights. How do you think technology and creativity are linked?
“Creativity and technology have always been linked – even when the technology was a pencil and paper or a hammer and saw.  Technology without creativity is just a tool sitting there with nothing to do.”

Check out Jocelyn’s Tips & Inspiration here!!

If you, like Jocelyn, are crazy about animation across film and TV then this is the opportunity for you! To enter The Future8 Awards Animation Category simply create and film your own animation! You can use stop motion (by moving toys, figurines or anything you can think of to create a story) or use 2D or 3D animation using software such as Moviestorm!

To enter, just head over to and select the Animation Category for a run down of all you need to submit your application! Remember to include description of how you made your film and your passion for animation, to really show Jocelyn that the once in a lifetime prize should go to you! Keep your eyes and ears peeled  –  the prize announcement will be unveiled soon!!


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