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Outfit7 CEO Iza Login Joins our Judging Panel!

This week we unveiled Outfit7 as The Future8 Awards Mobile App Sponsor! Following on from that exciting announcement we’re delighted to introduce Iza Login Co-Founder and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Outfit7 Limited as the newest edition to our expert judging panel.  As a Mobile App Category judge, Iza will be drawing on over 15 years of experience in the tech space to identify talented 7-17 year olds worthy of Outfit7’s life-changing prize!

We caught up with Iza to find out about this impressive career.

“I started my career as a computer developer 15 years ago. Working for a number of different multinationals I developed and honed my IT knowledge and skills before founding Outfit7 with my husband and 6 other co-founders five years ago. As Outfit7 was a start-up for mobile apps and no one had any experience from this area of business, we had to start from scratch.

Outfit7’s Talking Tom is one of our favourite apps, how did Outfit7 develop this idea?

“Since a good idea from the start is imperative, we conducted many brainstorming sessions – which we still do on a regular basis. To build a good mobile app you need excellent execution too. I’m no longer a programming developer, but I understand the logic behind it and the requirements needed to build a successful mobile app – which, contrary to popular belief, is far more than bit of luck even for a ‘simple’ mini game.  I can assess the time and efforts needed to develop a good product and know what the current market is looking for in a mobile app to make it popular and successful.”


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With so much experience in developing amazing apps, we’re thrilled to have Iza Login on The Future8 Awards judging panel! If you want to enter the Mobile App category just head to the website. Simply think of an idea for a new app and describe it in as much detail as you can and attach a PDF to the online application form, and if your app is already made, of course include the link in your application! Don’t forget, Outfit7 is supplying a life-changing prize for the lucky winner, check it out here!

Be sure to check out Iza’s Tips & Inspiration here!! 


About Iza Login:

Bringing years of project management, communication and motivational experience, Iza Login’s role at Outfit7 is to facilitate business development, design workflow and orchestrate internal and external programs to aid the business. Prior to founding Outfit7, Iza ran a centre for better quality of life, which was preceded by posts at Microsoft and Novartis. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer Science.