Future8 Partners_Uppingham Summer School


We are very excited to partner up with one of the UK’s most esteemed summer programmes – Uppingham Summer School. Courses available at Uppingham range from Music, Drama, Sport, History, Art, Science and Technology, one of the courses they run is the Creative Technologies Powerhouse, which we at Future8 are especially excited about!

What is Creative Technologies Powerhouse?

It’s a course that provides a unique and exciting creative environment, which sits at the intersection of digital media, science, technology and the creative arts.

CTP subject areas include:

  • Iphone App design
  • Computer-Game Design & Coding
  • Film-making
  • Animation
  • Robot Design: Artificial Intelligence
  • Product Design
  • Music Technology and Studio Production

These subject areas mirror cover most of the 8 categories in The Future8 Awards! We’re hoping that many of Uppingham’s Summer School students will go on to hone their digital skills learnt at Summer School and enter The Future8 Awards to win life changing experiences in industries.

We met with the director of Creative Technologies Powerhouse, Alexis Ffrench who In 2011, founded CTP as part of Uppingham Summer School. He said the CTP vision is “to empower and inspire course participants to express themselves through digital media; experimenting with, learning about and manipulating digital artefact – thereby discovering the infinite possibilities that creative technologies have to offer”. His role now is to devise and coordinate all course activity; managing the various strands so that standards and expectations are met.

Why encourage young people to get involved in creative and digital activities like the ones you provide at the Summer School?

“The coming age of the global economy will require a new set of literacies in the workplace and competition for jobs will necessitate a high level of association fluency across a wide range of digital platforms. We therefore need to prepare young people for a changing world by providing a robust education in digital technologies; designed to equip young people with the skills to meet the challenges ahead and ensure that our educational landscape is technologically enriched in every way possible.”

Why encourage young people to enter The Future8 Awards?

“I think the Future8 Awards is a fantastic initiative and will, I am sure, act as a very potent driver for engagement with digital creativity amongst young people – promoting original outcomes, innovation and free thinking. We shall certainly be alerting all CTP participants, past and present, of its existence!”


Check out Uppingham Summer School and all the courses it provides! Plus if you are 7-17 yrs old or know someone who is and would be interested in either The Future8 Awards or Uppingham’s Creative Technologies Powerhouse – get involved! Head to our Site for more info on The Future8 Awards and check out the Tips & Resources page for extra info and material from Uppingham Summer School!

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