John Herlihy, Vice President, SMB Sales and Head of Google Ireland joins The Future8 expert judging panel!  As one of our Mobile App Category judges, John will be choosing which lucky entrant will receive a once in a lifetime prize from our sponsors, Outfit7. Find out more about the prize here! Read our interview with John below to get an insight into what he is looking for in the winning entry and check out John’s 3 Tips to give your entry the winning edge!


What will you be looking for when judging entries?

“I would look for entries that are really trying to solve a problem that has not been addressed at all to date or one that has been addressed inadequately by technology so far and has the potential to be disrupted and improved radically by mobile applications.  It could be an existing area which can be changed dramatically through creative mobile technology or indeed it could address a completely new sector, in a way that we have never even heard of or seen before.”

John Herlihy’s Three Mobile Category Tips

1. Think original, Think big

We already have Uber and Hailo, so do we need another mobile app that makes it easier to book a ride somewhere? I would encourage entrants to look at other under-served areas of life where a mobile app could make a huge difference or potentially revolutionise a sector. Think of all the functions available on a mobile that could be used to solve a big problem.

2. Think users first

Some of the most successful technologies are those that are easy to use and solve a problem in an elegant way. When you have focused on your project and are ready to get going, think about how you can make your app as intuitive and as simple to use as possible for the user. Put yourself in the user’s shoes.

3. Use data rather than just opinions

Do some research and see which apps currently have strong usage and why. Are they standalone apps or an extension of existing services? What data can you glean publicly which could in turn help define and mould your own project? What areas of life are over-served and indeed under-served? Do some research and look at existing data on what is working well and not working well to help you define and build your own project in a unique and impactful way.”


Whether you’ve never designed an app before or you’re a seasoned pro, we want to hear from you! We’re looking for app developers with their app live in the app store! We’re also looking for creative app ideas – if you haven’t got the coding skills to bring your app to life, create a detailed presentation of your original app idea and head over to our website to enter!


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