This week we met with Avid Larizadeh, Partner of Google Ventures Europe and one of our expert Future8 judges! A graduate of Harvard and Stanford Universities, and founder (Boticca). Avid’s impressive career spans the top firms and companies in the tech industry, including four years at eBay in Silicon Valley, Skype (acquired by eBay) and Tellme Networks (acquired by Microsoft).


We wanted to find out more about this impressive career path!

“I am a partner at Google Ventures Europe where I invest in high growth companies that have the potential to change the world. Prior to GVE, I co founded Boticca, the world’s luxury bazaar of fashion accessories. I also led the Hour of Code for in the UK. Since the Hour of Code launched in March 2014, more than 3 million students have tried an Hour of Code helping demystify that coding is just for the very tech savvy and showing that anyone can try it.”

As a pioneer of Hour of Code – we’re very happy to announce that Avid will be judging the Future8 Web Developer category. We asked Avid what she will be looking for in the winning entry?

“- Creativity

– Passion

– Understanding of the customer

– Understanding of the market and alternatives

– Presentation”


As with all our expert interviews, we wanted to know how Avid felt technology and creativity are linked?

“They are inextricably linked. Creativity fuels technology and technology enables creativity.”


Here are Avid’s tops tips for inspiration for Future8 Web Developer entrants and young entrepreneurs:

“Check out Google Ventures Library for lots of resources and tips and inspiration!”

We were interested to find out if Avid had a favourite website?

“I don’t have a favourite. It’s the diversity, and constant evolution and creativity that the web offers that I love.”

Be sure to check out some of Avid’s projects she’s worked on – Boticca and

Feeling Inspired to ENTER the Web Developer Category? Simply head to the website and attach the URL of the website you have created/part created now! Remember if you have a great idea for a website but not sure how to build it, you can still enter and impress our judges with your passion and creativity! Head over to and submit a detailed PDF capturing a detailed description of your idea!

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