Shannon Cullen, Publisher for Puffin Fiction at Penguin Random House UK and Blogger category judge shares her expert tips and advice to inspire Future8 entrants and all avid bloggers and writers! You’ll have to impress Shannon to win this life changing prize including the opportunity to become a ‘Special Correspondent’ on a Penguin Random House UK online platform!

We asked Shannon:

Have you got any tips or advice for Blogger category entrants?

“My tip would be to think carefully about what makes your blog different to anyone else’s. Why would someone want to come and read it? Be clear about what it is you want to blog about, and try to be as true to your real personality as possible. Unless, of course, you’re intentionally writing a blog as a fictional character, in which case you can be as inventive as you like!”


What specifically will you be looking for in a winning Blogger entry?

“In the Blogger category I will be looking for someone who manages to inject their writing with personality, so I get a sense of who they are and their unique voice, which is what makes a good blog so special. I’ll also be looking carefully at the content, judging what makes it different to other blogs, and if it’s a unique perspective that would make me come back again and again. After all, blogs need to be updated with new content all the time to keep people interested.”


Could you give us an example of some of your work?

“As the publisher of a book I am usually behind the scenes, editing a book and making sure the author’s writing reaches the reader. My role is quite invisible (if I’m doing it properly!). But sometimes I write guest blogs for the Puffin blog talking about a new book. I recently wrote one for Waterstones, explaining our recent re-launch of A Puffin Book, and why is was important – as well as fun – to ensure classic stories like Charlotte’s Web; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry or Stig of the Dump were still being read by children today.”


What is your favourite blog?

“My favourite blogger (and vlogger) is Zoella. I think she has a very honest personality that translates really well to her writing.”  (Check out Zoella’s blog, here).

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