Our Maker category judge Ohad Zeira, the Director of Global Product Management for Belkin International, shares some top tips and inspiring insights! If you want to know how to impress our judges and win life changing prizes including that trip to LA and ‘engineer for the day’ experience with Belkin read on!

We asked Ohad:


What will you be looking for in entries?

“I will be looking for ways in which the entrants identify and address real people’s need through technology.”


What tips would you give someone with an invention idea? (Some hot tips here for what to discuss in your presentation PDF of your idea too!)

“Even though we are making and creating, always start with the user in mind. Who are they? What are their needs? What problems do they have? How can you improve this for them?”


Here’s fun one. What is your favourite…?

Milkshake – Strawberry


Serious app – Evernote


Fun app – Spotify


Are there any links or resources you would point out to aspiring inventors?

Here are some pointers for those interested in electronics and some specific areas of electronics common to a large number of Maker hobbyists.


If that has inspired you to enter the Maker category then head to the website to ENTER! Simply come up with an idea for an invention or super-use for an existing invention that makes it better or easier to use. Describe your idea in as much detail as you can and attach it as a PDF.


If you’ve made your invention or started to, why not make a video (to really impress the judges) and show us how your invention works!

Find out more about Ohad and his role at Belkin!

PLUS , check  out some of his awesome work, here: