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Tanya Laird, Founder of Digital Jam, has joined The Future8 Awards expert judging panel!

Digital Jam are a  digital marketing consultancy that believe in bringing the very best creative and analytical minds together to create innovative and industry leading audience experiences.

With so much experience in the Media and Tech industry who better to be judging the Future8 Awards than Tanya. She catapulted herself into her dream career from a young age and in a very charismatic way! We asked Tanya to tell us her story.


You started your career really early and in a totally rockstar way. Could you share your story with us?

“I decided I wanted to get work experience doing something totally awesome. So I stood outside the production offices of the major TV broadcasters in Hong Kong until I saw someone I recognised off the TV. That person happened to be Janine Graham, anchor for the CNN today show with CNN international. I asked her for work experience. The rest, as they say is history. Once I had my foot in the door they couldn’t get me out, I did work experience for Sky TV, Asia TV, MTV/V and when I came back to the UK I felt like there wasn’t anything that wasn’t possible.”

What do you find interesting about the tech space?

“For me the tech space has always been about connecting the dots. The “what if” moments brought to life. I enjoy the discovery of new and emerging technologies and the potential of new applications for technology that perhaps haven’t been explored yet. In general the people and businesses in the tech space are blue sky thinkers, dreamers if you will, dreaming big enough to truly change the way we live our lives. Imagine if someone hadn’t dreamed up the mobile phone or the internet how we’d be living our lives today.”

What would you say to young people who feel like they can’t get into tech because they can’t code?  

Me too. I don’t “code” I’m capable of understanding the work process and even the basic mechanics to an extent, but I am not for one second a coder. Does that mean I couldn’t get into this industry? Heck no. It’s about understanding your personal strengths and how best to apply these to the industry. Not everyone needs to code to make the tech industry work. Find what you love and learn how to make it useful to the industry you want to be in.”

If Tanya’s story has inspired you to start early and follow your passions, The Future8 Awards could be your first step towards doing what you love for a living in the future!

Check out the 8 categories and ENTER – Remember we’re looking for completed projects (if you do code etc.) and also inspiration ideas! If you have a great idea check out the best category for you and submit a well presented PDF of your idea to impress our judges! We’ve got 8 categories and 8 life changing prizes to be won, enter now and impress our amazing judges, just like Tanya, who’ll choose the winners!

Find out what Tanya has to say about The Future8 Awards!  

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