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Fire Tech Camp’s Angela Brennan has joined our panel of industry expert judges. She’ll be helping judge the Web Developer and Mobile App categories! She is a true expert in the field, pioneering the development of young people who learn and love coding. We asked Angela:

Why should young people get involved in app/web creation?

“Consider how many times a day you go on a website or use an app and wouldn’t it be great to have yours out there for the world to access. There are young entrepreneurs who have developed websites and Apps in their bedrooms from as young 11-12 years old and they have become a massive success.”

Entrants do not have to know how to code to enter the Future8 Awards, but is a great skill that could make some category entries really special. What would you say to those who would like to code but assume it would be very difficult?

“You will not know until you try it. It is incredibly rewarding seeing what you can produce in class, in your bedroom or even on the bus. You are surrounded by technology so why not use it to create incredible products that you can share with your friends, family and even the world. There are many languages you begin to code in so start with the basics and keep going.”

Angela, if you were between 7-17 years old, which Future8 category would you choose to enter?

“I would probably chose the Maker competition. I find new technologies fascinating and without new technology, what would we view and use our websites, apps and games on. Technology has shaped the world we live in and I am excited to see what the world looks like in 2020. Great inventions can stem from an idea and sketch but it’s also having the courage and determination to make your idea reality”

If Angela has inspired you, check out the Mobile App and Web Developer categories and APPLY!

There is absolutely no reason not to enter The Future8 Awards. As Angela says, ‘start with the basics and keep going!’ If you want to take your Future8 Award app or website idea to the next level and learn to code, check out Fire Tech Camp for their summer programs!

Get creating!