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Joshua Wöhle joins the expert panel of judges who will decide the winners of the Future8 Awards in October! With years of experience in the world of web and mobile technology, who better to help judge the Mobile App category? Joshua shares his experience in the technological industries, and shares some advice for Future8 entrants. We asked Joshua:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in the tech space?

“I grew up in the Netherlands and Switzerland, and currently live and work in London. I’d summarize myself as a developer turned entrepreneur. Starting as a consultant mainly in the web space my job consisted of orchestrating the development of many web applications, spanning from the small, local website to worldwide enterprise applications. I then went on to start a company in the mobile space, managing a team of 11 all across the globe, before ending up where I am now.”

What does your current role entail?

“Currently I spend my time as Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of @GoSuperAwesome, working on some amazing initiatives in the kids space and as Technical Advisor at Hybird Partners, talking about tech problems to whoever thinks it’s worth listening to.”

You clearly have a passion for developing web and mobile technology – what will you be looking for in a winning Future8 entries?

  • Big Ideas
  • Passion
  • Creative Thinking
  • “A healthy disregard for the impossible” Larry Page 

Joshua has also listed a couple of helpful resources for you avid App Developers:


Presenting your entry:

Check out LucidChart –  it’s a great way to present your app idea and create mock-ups of what your app will look like! (A great way to show your Future8 idea off).

Building apps using HTML5?

If you have done some coding or development before check out PhoneGap and KendoU, these are great build tools!

Now that you know what our judges are looking for – get over to our website, and enter for your chance to impress our judges and win a life changing prize! We can’t tell you what the prize is just yet, but expect something that will help take your career to the next level! 

Already created your app?

Remember if you have already created your app you can include a link but should also upload a PDF of your wire frames/work etc. to really impress the judges with your ideas!

Want to submit an app idea? 

If you have a great idea for an app but haven’t got the skills to bring it to life just yet – don’t worry our judges are excited to see these entries too! Use Joshua’s tips (tools like LucidChart) to help create a PDF outline of what your app will look like and how it will work to really impress with your ideas!!

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