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Future8 New Judges Unveiled!

Future8 are thrilled to announce more top industry experts on our star-studded panel of judges!! The line-up is already oozing with digital prowess, with the likes of Alice Taylor, CEO of Makielab, James Whelton, the Founder of Coder Dojo and many more! (For a full list of judges check out

Let’s welcome…

Angela Brennan from Fire Tech Camps!Angela Brennan

Fire Tech Camp provide 9-17 year olds with Tech day camps in London. Their mission is to teach
young people to create and innovate using technology. Angela is thrilled to be judging of the Future8 Awards! We asked her which Future8 cateogry would she enter, if she was 7-17 years old?

“I would probably chose the Maker competition. I find new technologies fascinating and without new technology, what would we view and use our websites, apps and games on. Technology has shaped the world we live in and I am excited to see what the world looks like in 2020. Great inventions can stem from an idea and sketch but it’s also having the courage and determination to make your idea reality.”

Leila Walker – Head of Partnerships at Nominet Trust!

Leila is really excited to be on the judging panel for the Future8 Awards. We asked her about her work at Nominet Trust.
“Nominet Trust brings together, invests in and supports people making imaginative use of technology to address complex social challenges. The Trust passionately believes that young people need to be provided with Nominet-Trustopportunities to learn and demonstrate their digital and enterprise skills. If young people are to thrive as individuals in a competitive globalised world, making valuable contributions to their families and the UK economy we have a collective responsibility to help make this happen. Nominet Trust supports two national initiatives aimed at skilling young people with the necessary digital and enterprise skills – Make things do stuff and iDEA .”

Tanya Laird – Founder of Digital Jam

Tanya started her career by throwing herself in front of top names in the media industry. She’s the founder of digital strategist consultant company, Digital Jam. We asked Tanya, why should young Digital-Jampeople get involved with Future8 Awards?
“Because you can never start too young. Having a go, discovering how to create and build something is an experience that can shape the future paths you take. There’s no better way to learn then to get hands on. Its not about winning, its about experiencing, getting involved with Future8 will be a life experience where you’ll learn a huge amount they can’t teach in the classroom.”

Jo Scalpello – Head of Partnerships, Blinkbox 

Jo is very pleased to be involved in the Future8 Awards! She says, “Having working in digital entertainment for pretty much my whole life, I’m really excited to see that tech industries are being seriously considered as credible careers for both male and female kids today. It’s incredibly important that we support those who show initiative, creativity and ingenuity at this tender age so that they are steered to thrive in the most creative and rewarding environments later in life. And, lucky are those who are able to snap up this great talent.”

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