In the past few weeks, the 2014 FIFA World Cup set new records for online streaming in the US. Over the last month, the App and Google Play stores have been flooded with applications for fans to follow the action on their mobiles and tablets. So how have the younger UK generation, tooled-up with devices but not yet part of the pub crowd, been watching the football?

eventtvvvIt turns out that, even for kids, the World Cup completely defines event television. Live, on the ‘box’ is still the main way to watch international football. 14% had watched recorded matches and only 3% used a tablet to view the competition. This despite the latest NPD data showing that tablet usage has now swelled to half of all under 12s. The TV focus has a big impact on eyes-on-adverts with 68% of those who watched the World Cup recognising Nike’s major ‘The Last Game’ spot.

For kids, watching football is a very sociable, domestic activity. 83% told us they watched at home with family and friends, with 8% having watched the competition on their own and only 3% at friends’ or relatives’ homes.

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