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The Maker category is for the creative thinkers, the makers, the hackers, the tinkerers. It’s for anybody who’s ever had a great idea, or thought, “What if?”

What it’s all about! To enter, think of an invention or super-use for a piece of technology around your home, school or anywhere you can think of. Then explain how you would use the WeMo Maker and IFTTT technology creatively in your life.

What is WeMo and IFTTT? The WeMo Maker is a piece of technology designed by Belkin to enable you to customize and control electrical appliances with an app on a smartphone, computer or tablet.

IFTTT technology stands for, If This Then That, and allows you to create triggers between electronic devices at home. You can even use data from your social media streams and other websites to trigger these appliances e.g. Your CD player turns on and plays the World Cup song every time your favourite sports site reports a goal!

Tips from the experts: We asked Belkin’s WeMo developers why Wemo is so awesome?

“WeMo technology is great for kids because it’s so easy to remotely control their projects on their smartphone or tablet. No accounts required and apps are provided for free.”

“We’ve seen WeMo Makers being used for some cool things, like controlling electric trains, bubble machines, sprinkler systems and even robots!”

You’ve heard it from the fantastic WeMo experts! Now it’s your turn to have a go!

PRIZES!!  This prize is huge! The winner (as judged by our panel) will win an exclusive experience with Belkin’s top product developers, WeMo Makers for you and your school AND a trip to Disneyland in LA!!

One last thing! Get creative! Have fun! and Enter the Maker category at

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