The Sochi Winter Olympics are now over, and the collective statement on behalf of its UK viewers might read “came for the controversy, stayed for the curling.” But what about younger viewers? We asked the 8-16 year olds on our panel all about the Winter Olympics. This is what we found out:


1. The Winter Olympics were very popular with kids

  • Most kids (71%) tuned in to watch the Winter Olympics, only 29% decided to give it a miss
  • Have a look at the word-cloud below for their highlights

2. But they’d still much rather be Jessica Ennis than Lizzy Yarnold

  • Only 29% said they’d rather take part in the Winter Olympics than the Summer Olympics
  • The most popular Summer Olympics sports were swimming, football and the 100m
  • The most popular Winter Olympics sports were snowboarding, figure skating and curling
  • No one opted for ‘Nordic Combined’

3. The Winter Olympics are more of a curiosity than the national rallying-point represented by the Olympics proper
Our kids highlights included…

“Canada beating USA 3-2 in women’s ice hockey”
“Bob-sleighing because it looks very fun.”
“All the tricks on ice they all did fantastic!”

4. Sports competitions of this scale remain very much event-TV:

  • Only 13% of kids who watched the Olympics saw it on pre-recorded TV
  • This is in contrast to the 92% who watched it live on TV
  • Despite widespread and frequent access to mobile devices, only 5% streamed the events through their laptops, 3% on a tablet and 2% on smartphones

If amateur alpine skiers in Russia can command attentions to this degree, we should be preparing for the huge impact of a certain other international sporting event this year. Kids are going to go crazy for Brazil 2014.

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(Question: What was your favourite moment of the Winter Olympics?)