August 04, 2007

Headline: changes name to!

The headline is facetious, but has the kernel of truth! This kernel resides on the Corn of Reality, which upon shucking reveals a severe lack of updates. So I am going to post something, right now. It is a picture I drew and it is called Poopman!


Yeah, awesome!

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March 12, 2007


This is all I've got to offer at the moment, I'm afraid... it's some educational japanese comic strip I found on google images, with the dialogue delightfully altered by yours truly.
Love, AceEbb


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December 13, 2006

Jesus and Kids

Hello, friends.
I made a delightful caption for the picture below.


Link: K4J (Kids 4 Jesus)

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December 12, 2006



If you have ever been to the dentist, you have experienced the joy of Highlights magazine (and if you have NOT ever been to the dentist, then you need to start taking the cavity creeps a little more seriously). As the slogan implies, Highlights magazine gives purpose to what is otherwise empty, meaningless fun. The sucky thing about reading Highlights at the dentist was that some kid always beat me to the "picture find" and all the hidden objects were circled in blue ballpoint pen. I hate that kid so goddamn much...
However, there was two features I could always count on for maximum fun and learning: Goofus and Gallant, and The Timbertoes. The moral lessons of Goofus and Gallant were too obvious say some critics (including this one!), but the Timbertoes were much more subtle, and their wooden ways were an inspiration to kids everywhere.
Please enjoy this super-fun and purposeful Timbertoes comic! Click on the thumbnail for bigness!!


More Timbertoes Awesomeness: Timbertoes Archive

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December 11, 2006


"Rassafrass" just reset my account so I am just testing...
Therefore, I will use this opportunity to let everyone know how awesome I am. How SUPER-AWESOME I am.
See below. Click on thumbnail to make pig big!



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February 07, 2006

Drawerings (Part 2): "Color Me Badd"

Here's another bunch of drawerings I posted to DrawMeSomething after they finally added a color pallette. Some go all the way back to November and the last one I just drew today. At some point, they also updated the flash drawing app to incorporate some simple tools like lines, circles, and holy fucking shit an ERASER!!! I actually drew a bunch more that I didn't post here because I can't find where Mr. DrawHimSomething archived them. No big deal though... most of them are probably just pictures of people taking a shit.
By the way, you'll notice some of the pictures look really grainy and fucked-up... apparently when you save your picture on the website it converts it to a heavily-compressed jpeg. After I realized this, I started taking screenshots of my drawerings before saving, so i'd have a nice copy in case the jpeg compression messed my picture up too bad. That's why some of the drawerings are much better quality than others... image quality i mean...

CLR-Butterfly CLR-Moon CLR-Frog
CLR-Atari1 CLR-Atari2 CLR-Alien
CLR-Cow CLR-Monster CLR-Fly
CLR-Tiger CLR-Tree CLR-Television
CLR-Sitcom CLR-Ring CLR-Math
CLR-Dinosaurs CLR-Octopuss CLR-Strawberry
CLR-Airplane CLR-Bunny CLR-Robot

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February 05, 2006

Drawerings (Part 1)


Lately instead of drawing pictures for this blog like i am supposed to, I have been drawing pictures on a stupid website called DrawMeSomething. Basicly there is a flash drawing program that tells you to "draw a bike" or "draw your family." Often, it tells you to draw fruit. It sounds gay, and it is, but it can be very entertaining when youre bored at work. Anyway here are some of the drawerings I made. This bunch below were made back when the website only had a one-color (black) pallette and no eraser! It was hard as balls to draw anything... sometimes the picture turned out completely different from how i thought because i had to cover up my fuck-ups to make it look like shading or extra limbs or whatever. Anyway, some of them are real crappy, some i tried to do all nice, some dont make any sense or are just weird doodles, and as always... some are about poop. Can you guess which one?

BW-Horse1 BW-Dog BW-Pear2 BW-Friend
BW-Angel BW-Squirt BW-House2 BW-Bird
BW-Lunch BW-Bear BW-Mouse BW-Dinosaur
BW-Sheep1 BW-Clock BW-Sheep3 BW-Tiger3
BW-Cat1 BW-Horse2 BW-Tiger2 BW-Logo
BW-Fish BW-Evil BW-Mushroom BW-Ostrich1
BW-Strawberry BW-Pear BW-Bike BW-Ostrich2
BW-House1 BW-Dolphin BW-Apple BW-Ostrich3
BW-Tree1 BW-Cat2 BW-Frog BW-House3
BW-Tiger1 BW-Horse3 BW-Cat3 BW-Monster2
BW-Doodle1 BW-Airplane BW-Melon BW-Fetus
BW-Doodle2 BW-Cow BW-Monster1 BW-Atom
BW-Doodle3 BW-Sheep2 BW-Doodle4 BW-Monkey

Hello -

I would like to say something about HTML tags, and why they suck so much horse cock. I spent hours trying to figure out why my stupid little popup window pictures werent working within the table i made for the pictures in this post... (the window was popping up but the problem was that the main window was also linking to the jpg)... and anyway i finally just figured out the answer. The answer is... i used the wrong KIND of quotation mark. that's right... i didnt leave one out... if that had been the problem, i wouldve smacked myself on the forehead and said d'oh, i shouldve thought of that. but no, the problem was that there is a certain kind of quote that looks like this: “
a certain one that looks like this: ”
and another that looks like this: "
see the difference? no well neither did fucking i !!!
i could only tell from pasting it back and forth into notepad... anyway piece of shit HTML, suck my ass... thank you.

- AceEbb


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May 08, 2005

Skull Bat Death

A pretty picture...

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April 12, 2005

touché, monsieur pussycat!

Thank you for introducing me to Mr. Winky Bear, honkey_lips. But here's another frisky little critter who wants to spray some love on YOU!!!

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April 10, 2005

Bowling balls

I drew a little picture, here it is:


(I'm sorry if it is too sexy).

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April 08, 2005

The Fashion of the Christ

I drew a little comic strip. Enjoy!

The Fashion of the Christ

"Blasphemy, Schmlasphemy... it's all good. Boo-yah!!"

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April 07, 2005

Sheeps and Goats - together at last!!

After seeing Napolean Dynamite (for whom ligers are "pretty much [his] favorite animal"), I started wondering about other hybrid animals. This prompted me to ask the question "can sheeps and goats have babies?"


The answer is yes!! The offspring are called "shoats" and they are extremely sexy animals. This one from Botswana had to be castrated because he was mounting his half-brethren indiscrimately, even when the sheep were not in heat. That's animal rape, holmes!!
Apparently you can mate lots of different things together, although most of the offspring will be sterile. I think they should mate a racoon to a panda, to create a "Pandoon" or perhaps a "Racanda."
Anyhoo, here is a link to everything you ever wanted to know about hybrid mammals, including "Humanzees" (I prefer the term "Chumans" to humanzee, it's like something Al Pacino would say).

Link Hybrid Mammals

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